Girls Varsity Bowling · Girls Varsity Bowling finishes 4th place at Cedar Springs Invite

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As I begin writing about our long two days of bowling at the Portage Northern and the Cedar Springs Tournaments, I am nothing short of amazed and I’m overflowing with pride and content. My girls showed so much improvement this weekend.
It all begun Friday bright and early at Eastland Lanes for our Portage Northern Tournament. A huge highlight of the day was our fascinating Senior Sydney Urben who qualified 1st on the all tournament team including the fact that she beat ALL of the guys. Her games were:
These individuals proved to be a little bit of a rough patch for the girls but I’m super proud that we pulled through with series’ of 671+725+797.
We then started fresh with our 6 baker games we had before qualifying. These scores consisted of
We gradually proved that we were nothing short of amazing as we improved and even ended with a 213 game!
This qualified us 2nd. We had to verse the Grand Rapids Christian Girls in round 1. We won with a:
Then we moved onto the Caledonia Fighting Scots where we lost in a tough match with 164+148+138.
But the day wasn’t over. It ended when we lost to Onsted with a:
This finished us in 4th place.
This ended with the Lady Cats in a web of upset and disappointment. All we wanted was to show how far we come and today was just not the right day for us. Despite a loss, I’m proud that the girls woke up the next day starting fresh. This time today was the day to prove to everyone what resilience, effort, and improvement we have. Losing a coach was not easy last year and still proves to be a hardship at times. However, Saturday at Cedar Springs was amazing and every girl left the bowling alley proud of each other.
Saturday we had two place in the top ten.
Senior Sydney Urben was 10th with a:
Junior Amber Beggs placed on her first ever tournament team including her highest game she’s ever bowled. Her scores included:
Wow. I was so proud of Amber. I told her before her second game that if she rolled a good game she can place in the top ten, and that’s exactly what happened.
We then had 6 bakers to bowl before qualifying. We averaged a total of 178 between our 6 bakers with scores of:
I was speechless. I never thought I would get to play in a tournament where I would say we didn’t bowl a bad baker all day. Although we had a few 150 games, that is only two, and 150 is not awful. We also set a high of 216 for our baker this year!
This qualified the lady cats 3rd!
In our first head to head matchplay, the lady’s rolled a 136+193 to beat the Cedar Springs Red Hawks.
Next we moved to the semi finals in hopes of sweeping Caledonia, who left us with disappointment just the day before. Although we could not do that with our
204+177, we did prove to everybody that Wayland is something to be proud of.
Averaging 191 and NOT beating a team in matchplay is not something we can even hang our heads over. We clearly turned some heads in that Bowling alley! This was a real self confidence booster for the ladies. Although we placed 4th again and failed to bring home some trophies to Wayland, I am extremely at a loss of words after Saturday. The fact that the ladies have recovered so well and bowled some of our highest baker games we’ve ever bowled is amazing. These girls are nothing short of jaw dropping. Next time you see Sydney, Mackenzie, Amber, Makayla, Jessica, Metztli, or Marissa, tell them congratulations. Congratulations for bowling like this. Congratulations for losing 2 starting seniors last year and bowling just as good. Congratulations for adjusting to the loss of a coach. Congratulations for starting off this year so strong. You girls should be happy with yourselves. I love this team, and I hope you all know how great of WOMEN you are, on and off the lanes. Hope to catch you all tomorrow at Airport Lanes at 3:30 versus Zeeland. (And special shoutout to our guys who bowled amazing Saturday!)

~Keep Rolling, Wildcats~

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