Wildcats News · Alumni Spotlight: Brinley Nieuwenhuis

Brinley Nieuwenhuis.

A former student of Wayland Union High School. She is now attending Grand Valley State University. She is a current player for the GVSU soccer team. A defensive player on the field, Brinley has been playing soccer for about 15 years. She enjoys the sport so much; being able to hang out with her friends on and off the field. With the time she has she works her absolute hardest, whether when she is running, scoring goals both on the field and in school. Although her favorite position is a midfielder, attacking and taking people on. She mostly played a forward in her high school years, which was always a fun position to play and having the potential to score the most goals. It has always been soccer for Brinley ever since she was young, she gave up a lot to do just soccer, and she did not regret it because her love for the sport is undoubtedly infinite. It taught her mental toughness when practices occurred as well as games, with both coaches and opponents never saying positive comments at times. She has also met many people, many different places through soccer. Friendships that will always stand, and sceneries that will always be a memory all from a sport she loved. It has always kept her in shape and good health which helped a lot with her focus in school. Brinley, known as the “ bruit” for  her hard work on the field. Many are proud of her skills in how physically talented she is on the field. Brinley is a great example to others both on and off the field. She has true dedication for what she does. Wayland and Grand Valley are proud to have and have known Brinley Nieuwenhuis.


By Voyce Veldman