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Wildcats News · Faces in the Crowd – Matt Miller

Faces In The Crowd


Mr. Matt Miller or as known to the kids throughout Wayland High School Mr. Miller is one of the people that does a lot when it comes to not only Friday nights but he is contributing year round. As he umpires in the spring for baseball but in the fall he is a referee for third and fourth grade all the way up to high school. Mr. Miller has been a part of the official business since he was 19 years old. Ever since he was young he has always been dedicated to being a fair and well presented official “I want to be that official that when I walk up to the field people know that the game will be officiated very well.” says Matt Miller

As the years went on Mr. Miller has always been a person that likes to emphasis that mistakes will happen but it’s not how you make the mistake it’s how you fix it. Even though he strongly disagrees with “makeup calls” he believes that the best makeup call is making the right call next time. The biggest challenge that Mr. Miller felt he’s come across was always keeping that good reputation and making people know that he’s not here to help a certain team but to make sure the game is played the way it should be. For anyone that would like to be an official Mr. Miller strongly recommends that if you have a true love for the game to become an official because even though you might not be playing the game you are still being a part of it.


By: Kayd Hulst