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Wildcats News · Alumni Spotlight – Brinley Nieuwenhuis

Today’s Alumni interview goes to Ex-Soccer star Brinley Nieuwenhuis. Brinley is the all time leader in for assists in a season, and helped lead Wayland to their most successful season in a long time. I asked her some questions to figure out how college was going and some of the transitions that she is encountering.


I asked her what the biggest transition was for her going from High School to college, she said that the hardest thing is probably not being able to rely on her parents as much and be self dependent. I also asked her what her favorite part of being on the GVSU soccer team was and she replied that it was how close of a bond they all had to each other, and how it forms great chemistry on the field and how it makes the sport so much more enjoyable.


By: Carter Nyp


Another question that I asked was how much more difficult is the preparation for college than at the high school level and she responded that it’s a lot more difficult cause basically everybody treats it like a job, and how it’s very important to take care your body, which breaks down into eating right. Also having to run and lift everyday. Another question asked was how hard it is to maintain her academics with her athletics, and she said that it’s a lot more difficult than in high school because you go from class to practice and then you have study tables with your teammates, and that it’s harder to stay accountable when your teachers don’t care about you as much when they have hundreds of other kids to teach a day.


Also I asked what she missed the most and the least about high school. What she missed the most was being able to see her friends every day, and having a set schedule instead of one that’s different every day. What she misses the least is all the classes she had in a day and how long it took. Finally, I asked her if she had any advice for this years team and she said to be active as much as possible, whether lifting or running or just getting touches on the ball and playing pickup games cause it will benefit and help in the future. Also to be as aggressive as possible and keep your person in front of you.